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The important thing to reduce global warming effect to our earth is add more tree. This blog was made to give us insight about global warming, what impact they will have on our lives and how we can stop it.

About Us

Who we are?
Add more tree include a wide range from academicians, workers, farmers and other people who care with forests condition in Indonesia. Our main purpose is provide seed for Forest Recovery Project.

How about forests in Indonesia?
Some 10 percent of the world's remaining tropical forest is found in Indonesia, which has a total forest area of more than 225,000,000 acres. Of this, 61 percent is lowland evergreen broadleaf rainforest. Indonesia has lost 72 percent of its intact ancient forests and half of what remains is threatened by commercial logging, forest fires and clearances for palm oil plantations. Indonesia has made it into the Guiness Book of Records for achieving the world's fastest rate of deforestation, with an area the size of 300 soccer fields every hour. Turning Indonesia from a forest-rich country to a forest-poor country.

Why you must care?
More scientists was estimate that 20% of global warming is caused by deforestation. So, deforestation in one country will also affect other countries around the world including your country through global warming effect. If humanity wants to stop and even reverse global warming, then mankind must not only stop deforestation, but mankind must also plant millions of acres of trees to counteract all the ways that carbon is released into the atmosphere, such as burning fossil fuels. And we hope your support to our project, Thankyou.

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    Not many blog as niche as this, so I salute the owner who bring the awareness of our loving environment. My best.

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